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I don´t want to be a Queen, or a Princess
I´m a woman, I want to be treat like that
I don´t need a King or a Prince
I just need a real man

A man who can be a gentleman,
A man who can be sweet and firm
A man who can help me if I need a hand and can tell me "you can do it by yourself"
A man who can hug me at night and wake me up with a kiss
A man who can walk next to me, hold my hand and enjoy the day
A man who can share a movie and a problem
A man who can laugh like a kid, but can handle a responsability when is necessary

For me it´s not too much, cause I can offer my 100% and more
Cause I want to live each day feeling happy to do everything I can
and share that with someone who can respect, recive and enrich that.

I dont need a Kingdom, I just need a home.
I dont need a Castle, I just want a heart.
I want to work everyday next to someone beside to do our world a better place.
Can be just for one day or forever, but each moment have to be the best.

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